Adjustable Bases

Adjustable bases

We offer every option one could look for in an adjustable base:

Simple head and foot elevation

Split Queen and King for individual partner movement

Independent head and foot movement for position control

Massage capabilities for relaxation

Programmable memory positions for personal comfort

Wired and Wireless remote options

Wall hugging head elevation to keep nightstand close

Adjustable Bases start at: $649.99

Hollywood Frame

Hollywood Bed Frame

Hollywood Bed Frames provide the most simple inexpensive solution to getting your bed off the ground.

In Oregon, with the moisture we receive through the winter and spring months it is important to raise the bed off the ground to prevent mold accumulation in the mattress.

Hollywood bed frames can be picked up at Corvallis Furniture's Mattress Center for $46.

Platform Frames

300555Q Frame

We offer multiple options for platform frames including all-wood and storage frames.

We offer slat kits as solutions to make bed frames that require box springs into platform frames.

Platform frames start at: $119.99